How Indie fans decide not to use the newMyspace

after „decided not to“ renew its licence with Merlin.

Respectively how to quit the account the right way – so that they know why:

– at left side at the bottom click the „myspace“ logo
– Left side above in the menu click „Settings“
– On the right click „Delete Account“
– and again click the new „Delete Account“
– in the new appearing Options click (o) other
– and in the now appearing form

– – copy the link of

– – or write something like
„I decided to support my Indie music instead of new.Majorspace“


– again click „Delete my Account“

Well done!

„It was therefore hugely disappointing when, under new ownership, Myspace re-launched this month, streaming our members’ music without their permission and without compensation.

This problem has been compounded by public comments from Myspace that the service had ‘decided not to’ renew its license with Merlin, and that the onus is on copyright owners to issue takedown notices to remove their unlicensed Music.“


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